A route accessible to all

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The Gaves Greenway is the concrete application of a new transport concept.   The Greenway’s development is in line with the growing interest in environmentally-friendly transport methods.

Something for everyone

The greenway is open to all environmentally-friendly, namely non-motorised, activities. Nevertheless, horses are prohibited in order to ensure the quality of the road surface. Whether alone or with family, on foot, bicycle, roller-blades or roller-skis, the greenway welcomes you for an excursion in complete tranquillity. The quality of the road surface and the safety of the infrastructure will enable you to take full advantage of the landscapes.

For information about bicycle hire companies near the greenway: partners

In order to facilitate the coexistence of all these activities and outline the main rules which apply on this route, the SMDRA adopted rules for using the greenway in 2009. Consult the rules

A route accessible to all

The Gaves greenway is accessible to all valid and invalid users whatever their disability. This accessibility is guaranteed and recognised by Tourism and Disability certification (link section)..


The Gaves Greenway was the first greenway in France to receive “Tourism and Disability” certification for four disabilities: mental, motor, audio and visual. This certification was obtained as a result of the security and improvement developments made to the Greenway in 2004 and the introduction of appropriate signposting in 2010.

For further information about access to the greenway: click here

This equipment and the efforts made to make the Gaves Greenway accessible have generated an unexpected level of interest and, today, many project developers wishing to create accessible greenways contact the SMDRA for details of their work. Furthermore, the SMDRA’s efforts have been hailed by the European Greenways Association, which, in 2010, awarded the Gaves Greenway the 2nd European Prize in the “tourism and sustainable development” category.

More than 100,000 users a year!

A survey in 2009 among Gaves Greenway users suggested that more than 100,000 people use the greenway every year, with an average of 500 people per day in the summer.

Naturally, a large number of tourists use the Greenway to visit the region. But, the quality of its surface and its security are also appreciated by locals, who use the Greenway regularly as an alternative transport route.

The Greenway is also very popular with federations, associations and sports clubs. Since its creation, many sports events have been organised there, whether roller-blading (a stage in the French Championships was organised there in 2009), running, cycling, hand cycling, etc.

Thanks to the survey and individual interviews carried out in 2009 by Rémy Castaignau, the SMDRA was able to learn more about the greenway’s users, where they come from, their motivations, what they think about the infrastructure, etc. 

All this survey’s results may be consulted here.

For any comments or queries about the Gaves Greenway, do not hesitate to contact the SMDRA: contacts.

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